Shadow as Guru.

Shadow as Guru.

As open, sensitive, imperfect human beings, there will always be times when we feel a little broken, disappointed, distrustful, angry, melancholic, or just down and uncertain about our lives.

In these moments, it’s so easy to conclude that something is wrong with us or that we’ve “failed” or “done life wrong” in some way. But, as always, things are rarely as they appear.

These experiences of deflation, of disappointment, of things “falling apart,” and of our own sensitivities and wild eccentricities are not mistakes or errors to be corrected or even “healed,” but are important messengers coming from deep within us, filled with information and guidance for the way ahead.

As we discover a new level of trust in our immediate, present experience, we come to the radical discovery that our pain is not pathology. Our grief is not pathology. Our rage is not pathology. But they are path, the path, our path, invitations from the soul into deeper layers of integration, compassion, presence, and aliveness.

What we perceive as “broken” or “dark” within us, may just be our greatest guru, teacher, and guide. We come to discover that it is deep within the core of this brokenness that light is shining.

As Rumi reminds us, “the wound is the place where the light enters.”

By Jeff Foster

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