1. a fine cord of flax, cotton, or other fibrous material spun out to considerable length, especially when composed of two or more filaments twisted together.

2. twisted filaments or fibers of any kind used for sewing.

3. one of the lengths of yarn forming the warp or weft of a woven fabric.

verb (used without object)

1. to thread one’s way, as through a passage or between obstacles

2. to move in a threadlike course; wind or twine.

Curating Own Life to Find Joy… and Space!

The process of moving to a smaller place is like the process of reviewing one’s life. You are faced with everything, from major to minuscule, from your birth to your first and second marriage, your kids successes and misses, your passed away parents, your siblings-their spouses-ex spouses-kids-hobbies-travels, your husbands do’s and don’ts and everything imaginable and unimaginable in the form of paper, glass, porcelain, wood, metal and fabric.

Interesting process this to decide and weight what to carry on for the following fifty something years (LOL) or just identify, honor and kiss good-bye.

Things not only get in your way when you start the moving process (actually you bump into things in unexpected ways), they also get into your dreams… prompting people -dead or alive, impossible situations and extreme feelings.

I am happy to give myself the opportunity to curate the next stage of my life. When space is scarce, decisions are impeding -shall I devote square feet to pictures of relatives I don’t know-never met-will never meet or to my notes from a situation or trip I plan to recreate in my next blog? Shall l keep my son’s undecipherable statue from kindergarten or my late Mother tablecloth -that I never used but cherish.

Decisions, decisions on space -in your closet and your mind.

More space, less noise, more living.

Breathing in, I am Here. Breathing out, I am Now.


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